Welcome to meKj Hope Foundation

Where "Educational Resources Should Never Be A Non-Priority"

About Us


Established in 2015, meKj Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) community based non-profit organization based in Alabama and Georgia.

meKj Hope Foundation works to ensure that schools are prepared to succeed by providing free school supplies to students and teachers most in need.

When families struggle financially, school supplies just can't be a priority. We also believe this to be the same when it comes to underserved communities. If the city struggles financially, resources for education are not priority. Therefore, schools are not supplied with resources that support the success of the classroom.


Our Mission is to ensure that teachers as well as students in under-served communities are prepared to join the classroom daily without the issues of not having the proper supplies to teach and learn.


Shared Values at meKj Hope Foundation are the foundation of our organization. These are the concepts that our organization adhere to. 
1. We do not hope for change in a community, we become change in the community. 
2. All human beings are important and should be treated with respect and dignity. 
3. Community relationships are important for change to take place. 
4. We run to serve others, not away from those in need. 
5. No specific community or group of people are more important than the other. All needs are a crisis and it is our goal to provide resources to those in need of humanitarian aid. 
Red backpack overflowing with school supplies including pencils rulers folders and books